Best Instant Pot Cookbook


The Instant Pot is the most common brand of electric pressure multi-cooker. More than a pressure cooker, it can thaw frozen foods, cook stews, rice, soups, make yogurt, and roast chicken. It has become so popular that other electric pressure cookers are often referred to as Instant Pot cookers. With an Instant Pot, cooking meals for yourself or the family becomes less tasking and much more straightforward. A fraction of the time spent preparing food is saved, and you get to focus on other activities. 

However, most people that have Instant Pot or other electric pressure cookers do not know any recipes to prepare with it. Some recipes may come with the electric pressure cooker, but most times, they are few. This fact can make the Instant Pot very intimidating, and the owner will less likely utilize it to the fullest. In other cases, when the owner has ideas of meals, they are few and can quickly become uninteresting. But finding a cookbook with all the right ones make using your Instant Pot a delight. If the recipes are simple and easy, the cookbook becomes a treasured property.

Multiple Instant Pot recipes available online, but most people find out that a cookbook is handy and easy to reference when needed. Also, most Instant Pot cookbooks can indicate the exact settings, pressure levels, and time required to complete the process for each recipe. These cookbooks are available in paperback, in electronic versions, or both. With a perfect cookbook, you can invite your friends and family to show off your culinary skills.

Best Rated Instant Pot Cookbook Reviewed



#1 The Step by Step Instant Pot Cookbook by Jeffrey Eisner – Best Option


Jeffrey Eisner is the founder of Pressure Luck Cooking, a website with tips you can prepare with your pressure cooker. However, he has gone ahead to produce a bestseller cookbook that will allay the fears of Instant Pot owners who are terrified of putting their electric pressure cooker to use. 

This cookbook is written in a stepwise pattern to guide users in preparing amazing and excellent meals. It is well organized with adequately explained instructions, ingredients needed are easily sourced, and the result is a fantastic dish that will have your friends thinking you enrolled for cooking classes.

Over a hundred simple recipes will soon become favorites in your home, together with illustrated pictures of the process and the finished meal. It gives the reader a visual understanding of what is required. They include healthy and comfort dishes that you can always prepare at any time of the day. Among these soon-to-be favorites are the French Onion Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Barbecue ribs, Eisner’s pot roast, Bananas Foster, and the Quick Quinoa salad.


  • Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Spiral-bound formats
  • Contains well-known dishes together with new ones
  • Has clear pictures to guide user on each step
  • Explains how to use the different models of an Instant Pot


  • Paper versions could get torn.


#2 Michelle Jones: The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginner – Best for Vegans


This book provides a quick and easy guide to preparing tasty meals and snacks on an Instant Pot. It is advertised as having “550 Quick and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Smart People on a Budget.” 

In this cookbook, there are a wide variety of dishes for practically everybody. You can start from the first and not repeat a meal for quite some time. The recipes are simple, well explained, and have ingredients that are easy to find. Sections in the book include natural plant-based recipes, morning recipes, appetizers, desserts, protein dishes, and culturally suitable options too. 

On the online reviews of this cookbook, customers cannot stop raving about its beauty and how it has opened their eyes to a world of healthy cooking. The whole family is going to love the meals prepared from this cookbook.


  • Available in Kindle, Paperback and Spiral-bound formats
  • It has a wide variety of Instant Pot recipes
  • Recipes are easy to follow
  • Inexpensive


  • There are no pictures of the process or the prepared meal


#3 Party in an Instant Pot by the Editors of Delish – Luxury Option


The editors of Delish have compiled more than 75 of their Instant Pot recipes into this fantastic cookbook. With its list of pot roasts, soups, potatoes, and many more meals, this recipe book makes it easier for a beginner cook to get started cooking while having fun doing so. 

The book is sold in Kindle and Spiral-bound formats. If you are not yet ready to get the unique cookbook, their Delish website has a collection of few recipes you can access at any time for free. Examples of such recipes include Instant Pot ChiliInstant Pot Wings, and Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes.

In the book, however, you will find new delicious recipes you never thought of and that you definitely should try. It makes you want to go out immediately and purchase another as a gift for a friend. The recipes will do for a family gathering, a casual party as well as for formal events.


  • Available in spiral bound and Kindle formats
  • It has lots of recipes ready for a new owner of an Instant Pot
  • Recipes range from snacks to course meals.


  • Quite pricy
  • Not many recipes


#4 Donna Kelly: 101 Things to Do with an Instant Pot – Budget Option




In this cookbook, Donna Kelly presents healthy, tasty foods that do not require much time to prepare. The recipes are easy to understand and follow. Ingredients are not exotic and are easily obtainable at a grocery store or available at home. 

Some of the recipes are for breakfasts, seafood, desserts, and specialties, including the Huli Huli Chicken, Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta, Coconut Curry Lentils, and Asian Caramel Salmon. Every member of the family is going to have a favorite dish from this cookbook. There are plant-based diet recipes as well as recipes for individuals with a sweet tooth.


  • Inexpensive
  • It has Kindle and Spiral-bound formats
  • Dishes explained can all be prepared in minutes
  • Meals are healthy and simple


  • Some recipes’ instructions are quite vague and confusing


#5 Alice Newman Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners – Best Option with Pictures


This Alice Newman’s 128 paged guidebook features easy, healthy, and fast recipes anyone can cook using an Instant Pot. The writer is a certified nutritionist, seeking to help persons with no idea of what to do with their Instant Pot get a heads up. 

Poor cooks, beginners, and those with excellent culinary skills will all enjoy the Alice Newman cookbook. Featured in it are 101 recipes to guide the family in cooking mouthwatering and quick meals. Such recipes include red wine beef stew and the sausage zucchini gratin. The dishes range from simple snacks to advanced servings.

The book’s information is well detailed with serving number, preparation time, and easy-to-follow instructions. With it, breakfast, lunch, and dinnertimes become a breeze as you spend more time with your loved ones and less time cooking. The book has both Kindle and Paperback formats available.


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Ingredients used are familiar
  • Meals are yummy and healthy
  • Beautiful illustration on the cover page


  • Few customers reported omissions in some of the recipes’ instructions
  • Book is in black and white


For others recipes, check these as well.

Benefits of Using an Instant Pot for Your Cooking

Bread knives may be used less frequently than chef’s knives and paring knives, but they play a very important role in the kitchen. Here are some key considerations for choosing the best bread knife for your needs.

Cuts time and energy: It’s the exact opposite of a crockpot. It utilizes pressure in cooking foods, reducing the overall time spent in meal preparation. With it, the process involved in cooking soups, stews, and other meals is made less tedious and faster. Since it reduces the time of cooking by more than half, energy is saved and used more efficiently.

Maintains the taste and appearance of food: Using an open pot to cook, or frequently removing the lid when using stovetops reduces the flavor and color of food due to its exposure to air and heat. However, an Instant Pot is designed to be airtight, so the taste remains intact. The color of the food is maintained due to the steam that surrounds it and prevents oxygen from degrading it.

Retains nutrients and vitamins: In pressure cooking, heat is circulated evenly and quickly within the pot. As a result, much water is not needed when using an Instant Pot, and the vitamins in the food remain undissolved. These retained vitamins stay intact, offering nutritional benefits.

Destroys harmful microorganisms: The Instant Pot heats food at a very high temperature, higher than the boiling point of water. It helps kill off and eliminate any harmful microorganisms present. Due to this function, most people prefer using an Instant Pot to boil water and sterilize jars or bottles.

Reduces cost of feeding: An Instant Pot enables you to cook meals faster than it will take a delivery person to reach your doorpost. It is also a well-known fact that home-made meals are less expensive and more satisfying. Therefore, reduces the cost of feeding by reducing the number of take-outs and fast foods you could have gone for in its absence.

Prevents waste of food: With a burn protection mechanism consisting of heat and pressure sensors, the Instant Pot can detect the exact time your food starts burning when left unstirred. It then sends a signal to the user and tends to shut down automatically to prevent further burning of food and possible wastage.

Quite economical: The Instant Pot is a multi-cooker with several functions. Also, each new model that is manufactured has extra features in addition to the previous ones. It functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, browning/sauté pot, steamer, warming pot, rice cooker, egg boiler, and yogurt maker. These variations in one pot make it well sought for as you end up having about six kitchen appliances in one unit.

Final Thoughts

An Instant Pot cookbook has many recipes that you can choose from while using your Instant Pot and most other electric pressure cookers. It helps you take advantage of the various functions to the maximum. Standard recipes are for chicken, desserts, quick meals, and vegetarian dishes.

Though it has found a place in most kitchens, Instant Pot cookers are underutilized due to the lack of knowledge of meals that users can prepare with it. Some Instant Pots are bought or received as gifts and then hidden away due to the perceived intimidating technology that comes with it. With these cookbooks, however, that challenge becomes a thing of the past. Your new problem will be wondering if you would ever exhaust the ideas you want to try out. They contain healthy, tasty, and easy meals that will have the family excitedly waiting for mealtimes.