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Easy Steps to Make Your Kitchen a Healthier Place

As the room where food is prepared, and in a lot of cases, the place where the family comes together to eat and spend some bonding time, your kitchen is not to be underestimated. There’s nothing quite like the warmth it offers, and most foodies consider it to be their favorite place in the whole house. Since we spend a big chunk of our day in there, we want to make sure the room is healthy and that it gives us a nice sense of comfort. Are you interested in knowing how you can do that? Then read on for some cool tips.

Plant your own garden

The best way to make sure you have organic veggies around you is to plant your own garden. Of course, this only goes if you live in a house, but if you don’t, don’t get discouraged just yet. Growing a windowsill garden is also a great option, and even if you can’t have all the veggies you might like, you can definitely plant a few herbs. Things such as mint, parsley, oregano, thyme, and lemongrass are easy to grow indoors, and they’ll give your home a fragrant smell and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your food.

Clean out all your filters

Your air vents should be cleaned regularly, but so should the filters in the refrigeration unit. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve done that, there’s a good chance they are clogged with bacteria and could really use some disinfecting. Not cleaning your filters often enough could lead to food contamination, so be cautious.

Tape recipes to the fridge

A healthy kitchen is also about the kind of food you make, and if you’re constantly reaching for sugary snacks and junk then you’re not really being as kind to your body as you could be. One way to inspire yourself to eat better is to surround your kitchen with healthy produce, throw out snacks, and to tape some delicious, healthy recipes to the door of your fridge.

Get an air purifier

If there are smokers in your house, chances are that they converge in the kitchen and open a window for a smoke to avoid disturbing other family members. However, nicotine will still permeate the walls and the fabrics in the room, and it’s generally very difficult to avoid passive smoke. One of the better ways to deal with this is to get a purifier that will filter out the particles. Bear in mind that the best air purifier for smokers uses HEPA filtration to get rid of smoke, and you can easily find a compact product to stay in your kitchen and keep it fresh. Alternatively, you can ban smoking tobacco indoors completely, but that might pose an issue with smokers themselves.

Invest in good appliances

In addition to making it easier to prepare your food, good appliances can also help keep it bacteria-free, fresh, and safe. Not only that – you can pick eco-friendly appliances that help you lower your carbon footprint by expending less energy (not to mention lowering your utility bills).

Don’t over-pack your fridge

The rule is to generally not make more food than you can conceivably eat, and if you frequently experience stuff going bad even when you keep it in the fridge, it means you’re buying too much food. An over-packed fridge cuts off the airflow and allows bacteria to multiply more easily, as well. To avoid things getting spoilt do some weekly meal prep, don’t cook new things until the old ones have been eaten, and donate any excess to shelters in your area.

Replace your sponges frequently

You should replace your kitchen sponges at least once a month, but if you frequently wash dishes by hand then do it more often. Kitchen rags should be washed frequently, preferably on high temperatures to kill all the bacteria.

Make your kitchen into an oasis of good food, peace, and comfort by following these tips, then have by improving your cooking skills!

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