Bring Food from Home to Lose Weight

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You’re on the go, working full time, trying to take care of life’s daily events, and it’s SO easy to just stop and grab a muffin at Starbucks for breakfast, a sandwich at Panera for lunch and perhaps a few snacks along the way. And all you’ve done is consume a huge amount of calories that you probably didn’t realize you were eating.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to consume all these excessive calories just in the morning time…

The 8-Grain Roll at Starbucks sounds innocent enough, right? It’s whole grain, just a muffin, etc. And it will cost you a whopping 380 calories!

A Cafe Latte will add another back 190 calories.

So you quick stop at Starbucks just totalled 570 calories! Really?

Credit: PupJunkies

Here’s a excellent alternative…
Purchase a soft cooler – the kind that you can throw an icepack into with a small meal. They’re usually less than 10 bucks at a place like Walgreen’s or Walmart. Buy a few of those reusable ice packs so you always have a frozen one ready to go. Now, fill it in the morning with:

1 cup of light Greek yoghurt (about 100 calories and LOTS of protein), and a banana (about 100 calories). And if you need coffee, brew some at home and use some no-calories sweetener and but some of those “to-go” cups with lids. Your coffee beverage will be less than 50 calories.

So with the yoghurt, banana and home brewed coffee you’ve saved over 300 calories! That’s a great way to loose weight I think even for dogs, cats and other pets!

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