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Bring Food from Home to Lose Weight

You’re on the go, working full time, trying to take care of life’s daily events, and it’s SO easy to just stop and grab a muffin at Starbucks for breakfast, a sandwich at Panera for lunch and perhaps a few snacks along the way. And all you’ve done is consume a huge amount of calories that you probably didn’t realize you were eating.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to consume all these excessive calories just in the morning time…

The 8-Grain Roll at Starbucks sounds innocent enough, right? It’s whole grain, just a muffin, etc. And it will cost you a whopping 380 calories!

A Cafe Latte will add another back 190 calories.

So you quick stop at Starbucks just totalled 570 calories! Really?

Credit: PupJunkies

Here’s a excellent alternative…
Purchase a soft cooler – the kind that you can throw an icepack into with a small meal. They’re usually less than 10 bucks at a place like Walgreen’s or Walmart. Buy a few of those reusable ice packs so you always have a frozen one ready to go. Now, fill it in the morning with:

1 cup of light Greek yoghurt (about 100 calories and LOTS of protein), and a banana (about 100 calories). And if you need coffee, brew some at home and use some no-calories sweetener and but some of those “to-go” cups with lids. Your coffee beverage will be less than 50 calories.

So with the yoghurt, banana and home brewed coffee you’ve saved over 300 calories! That’s a great way to loose weight I think even for dogs, cats and other pets!

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