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These Four Nutrition Hacks Will Improve Your Productivity

When you feel the mid-afternoon slump after a tough meeting or you struggle to stay awake through a somewhat dull conference you need to attend, you’re likely tempted to reach for a cup of coffee more than anything else. Perhaps a sweet chocolate bar or a bag of gummy bears, only to feel the slump sneak up on you in the next hour or so. However, a few changes in your menu can lead to tremendous improvements in your productivity.

In addition to quality (and quantity) sleep, as well as regular exercise, nutrition plays a key role in how well your mind and body will tackle any task at hand. Let’s take a look at the four essential tips to introduce to your eating regime to boost your energy levels in no time!

Switch to water

Although caffeine is the go-to sip for many hard workers out there, if you reach for the coffee jug too many times per day, it will only lead to further dehydration of your body. That, in turn, wreaks havoc on your mind, and prevents you from performing your job with the same amount of focus and vigor. Instead, consider overseeing your own water intake!

Perhaps if you keep an insulated water bottle to keep your water fresh and cool for longer, you’ll be more inclined to fulfill your daily needs than getting an extra cup of joe. Not only is your body mostly made of water, but this divine substance regulates your blood pressure, your stress resilience, and your nutrition absorption – so even if you eat healthy, you cannot properly process your food without enough water.

Reinvent your snacks

When a task becomes tedious or we sit for hours without taking a break to eat, it’s normal to expect our bellies to start rumbling. However, if you keep only unhealthy, processed foods within your reach, you cannot expect your brain to function well after you overwhelm your body with what is fairly described as junk food.

Whether you’re trying to fight the sugar crash or you are truly in need of a pick-me-up for the upcoming presentation, there are healthy alternatives you can prepare on your own or buy in a health food store before coming to work. Nuts and seeds in portions, fresh fruit salads, premade healthy muffins, protein bars, and Greek yogurt with a variety of additions all make for great options.

Don’t skip your lunch

Tight deadlines, tough clients, and a competitive work environment can all contribute to our decision to spend an extra hour working instead of eating. Even though it may seem like a harmless choice, if it turns into a habit, you will likely start munching on unhealthy snacks to restore your energy, while depriving your busy brain of its much-needed nutrient boost. To that end, make lunch your priority, and spend this break devoted solely to your meal.

That is why the idea of ordering ready meals in Sydney and other large cities has become quite a craze, so that more workers can maintain their dietary needs without spending too much time in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s time to embrace this idea and rely on healthy delivered dishes to keep your productivity levels growing.

Create structure

Exceptions such as business trips and client visits aside, your body craves a schedule in several crucial ways. First of all, your internal clock works only if you truly stick to a healthy routine, including your snack times, as well as your main meals. Meal-prepping has helped many a working soul overcome the issues of wasting time and similar productivity-killers. If you create a weekly schedule for making, storing, and bringing food to work, you’ll let your body enjoy a ritual of health that enables you to work productively.

Diversity in your diet is key to providing your brain all it needs, so a basic list of ingredients you can mix, match and combine depending on the season and availability is a great way to stay healthy. A versatile menu boosts your immunity, which translates to fewer sick days, as well as preventing sniffles from destroying an entire work week. With that in mind, just like you stick to work hours and break times during exercise, stick to a predetermined eating schedule to keep your body happy.

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