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Healthy Dessert Ideas: Yummy and Organic

Ah dessert, the bane of every diet out there. It doesn’t matter whether we’re trying to lose pounds or simply eat better, the thought of cookies, chocolate cake, pudding, fudge, pie, and all the other sugary things is usually enough to throw caution to the wind. Our sweet tooth is sometimes our worst enemy, and it really takes an almost inhumane kind of effort to stand in front of buttered, chocolate-covered pancakes and not give in. Who could resist all that tasty goodness? Well luckily, now you won’t have to. Even dessert can be healthy if you use the right organic ingredients to make it, and the best thing about it is that it’s going to be just as delicious. Ready for some mouth-watering recipes?

Chocolate cake with raspberry and chia jam

Healthy chocolate cake? Yep, absolutely. And it’s not even difficult to make! You basically start the same way you would if you were making a regular cake – whisk egg yolks and sugar together. The trick here is to use raw, unrefined sugar and to keep whisking until the mixture doubles, and to slowly sift in cocoa powder. Add the melted chocolate, add the whisked egg whites, and make sure not to overwork the mixture because it will lose its airy texture. Once you pour all this into cake pans and bake it, you can leave it to cool and spread a mixture of organic raspberry jam and chia seeds between every layer. Of course, you can feel free to get creative and use any kind of jam you want – plum, strawberry, peach, anything works. A slice of this cake is tasty, and the sweetness of it isn’t overpowering. You’ll sate your craving without having to feel guilty about it later on. This also happens to be a great dessert for birthdays and other special occasions.

Coconut and walnut biscuits

This is a great thing to make if you want to have a healthy snack at hand. Better to have some organic biscuits lying around than to reach for a bar of milk chocolate or store-bought cookies. Since this recipe uses coconut milk, quinoa flour, and organic panela sugar, it’s a much better alternative for all the sugar fiends out there. You start by whisking together vegan margarine and panela, then add baking soda, and coconut milk. Add some homemade golden syrup if you want more sweetness, mix it all together well, and then press chopped walnuts into the mixture. Use an ice cream scoop to put cookies onto a baking tray, and you’re done! They only need about 20-25 minutes in the oven on low heat and then you can let them cool and put them in a big bowl. This is a great sweet to make if you have kids because it gives them a nice, healthy alternative to cookies.

Panela glazed doughnuts

Doughnuts aren’t really something you’d ever imagine to be healthy, but if you use the right ingredients they can totally be a good snack. Most desserts can be made a lot better through the use of quality sustainable food, so this recipe will also require some organic quinoa flour and panela sugar. You’ll begin by dissolving some instant dried yeast and sugar in warm milk, and then sift in flour, a little salt, a little Xanthan gum, and corn flour in there. Beat two eggs and mix in melted butter and vanilla extract in there, then add the liquids into the dry ingredients. Use a mixer to get a smooth mass and be careful about any lumps, then pour it into doughnut ring molds. Leave this for about half an hour until it’s doubled in size, and then bake in the oven until they’re golden brown. As you can see, there’s no deep-frying here at all. It’s great to serve at children’s birthday parties, or to make when you’re just craving something sweet and tasty that won’t ruin your good eating habits.

Mandarin and chocolate pudding

This recipe is completely vegan and entirely delicious. Mix together organic chia flour, quinoa flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, and corn flour. Next, zest two mandarins and add the zest into organic pumpkin oil, and then stir that in with the dry ingredients. Add coconut milk and mix it until it’s a thick, smooth mass. Peel a few mandarins and put the slices into small baking pots, then pour over your mixture on top. You can add more cocoa powder and panela on top of each pudding, and then pour some boiling water over them. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, serve, and eat while it’s still warm!

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean a lifetime of denying yourself your favorite food. Even desserts can be made more nutritious, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with these recipes, find something you love the taste of, and then indulging in it without any guilt.

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