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Make Cooking Easier for You

How many times have your said “I’m going to start cooking more“? Probably several times. You may want to lose weight, get healthier, save money, etc., and cooking fresh food at home is awesome. But, then you get a great new recipe you want to try and when it’s dinner time, you find yourself running around and trying to dig out that bowl you need, don’t have enough room on the counter to cook, the oven is dirty, the pots aren’t clean, etc. By the time you’re done it seems you’ve done way more work than was necessary. The solution? Make cooking easier for yourself by doing just a few easy things…

Get organized. Let’s face it, a clean home is a happy home and by just doing some simply straightening up in your kitchen, you’ll go a long way to making your cooking adventures much easier. Spend a little time organizing your kitchen so that you know where you can easily find all your pots, pans, measuring cups, mixers, bowls, spices and everything you need. By just doing a little organizing you’ll find your kitchen is so much cleaner and neater and you will love it!

Have the essentials. Keep your kitchen and cupboard well stocked with some of the essential ingredients of cooking: salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, flour, sugar, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (had to work that in there). Most of these essential ingredients are very inexpensive and are found in a variety of recipes. Keep them in stock even if you’re not using them today.

Clean your dishes first! You come home from work and see that the sink is already full of dirty dishes. That’s certainly no incentive to-do my cooking tonight. Have all those dirty dishes done the night before. It will make cooking the next day so much more inviting.

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