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Nutrition Tips to Speed up Weight Loss

There’s a very wise saying that comes in many different forms, one of them being “you cannot outrun a bad diet”. If you have taken up a new aerobics class, weightlifting at the gym, or a similar activity to be more fit and develop your strength, balance, and coordination – kudos for the effort! However, it would be wrong to assume that this one decision would be enough to curb those calories and make sure you lose weight properly. In the equation of diet plus exercise, the dieting factor takes up a more significant portion of the equation when it comes to weight loss results.

With so much conflicting information out there, and too much well-intentioned advice from complete strangers you encounter at that very same gym or even other realms of your life, it can become very complicated to develop a diet plan that suits you. Now, if you’re on the hunt for new ways to boost your diet, here are a few tried and tested methods to help make the process easier and faster through optimizing your nutrition.

Start with soup

Taking control of how much and how often you eat can be quite a burden for someone who is only at the early stages of developing such self-discipline. Certain nutrition tricks, however, will work to your advantage so that you can slowly get more control not just of your eating habits, but of your appetite as well. For example, before you move on to the main course, whatever it may be, why not start with a delicious, and low-calorie bowl of soup?

Studies have shown that with that one little correction of your eating routine, you can help reduce your overall caloric intake. How? Because you’ll wait for the soup to cool, and you will let your belly remove that annoying feeling of hunger before you move on to the main meal. Make yourself feel fuller, and you’re going to eat less during the day.

Tea up your daily hydration routine

In a similar manner of the previous advice, you can tweak other habits to make them less calorie-packed and more diet-friendly for weight loss.

If you’re an avid soda fan, you’re likely consuming too much processed sugar in your diet, which means that your daily caloric intake is through the roof. Although it will take time to adapt, you can reduce calories significantly if you swap sodas with tea!

Maybe you’re not a huge fan of tea at the moment, but you can try out different flavors, and form a little tea-sipping ritual as well for greater enjoyment. Of course, this should be an addition to your water intake, so make sure you’re hydrating with plain, fresh water first!

Use healthy supplements

Since the primary issue here is speed and how to make sure your everyday habits are allowing you to lose as much weight as you can within healthy limits, sometimes dieting alone might not be enough to boost your metabolism.

You can reinforce your healthy diet with equally healthy Pre-Workout Supplements that will help speed up your metabolism with natural ingredients such as green coffee, or berries with powerful antioxidant properties.

That way, you’ll provide your body with extra nutrition that’s convenient to consume, and you’ll make sure that you’re giving your body precisely the ingredients it needs to burn fat optimally, prevent excess fat storage, and help curb your appetite.  

Add flavor with the right spices

You already understand the value of a fast metabolism in the weight loss process. However, not all of us are endowed with a speedy metabolic rate, which means that some will get rid of the excess fat sooner, and others unfortunately later. What you can do to boost your metabolism naturally in addition to supplementing your diet is adding spices to your meals that have a similar effect on your body.

Spices allow you a double benefit for your weight loss. For one, they help you savor your meals, which in turns mean you’ll eat at a slower pace, and that is an excellent choice for shedding fat. And secondly, spicy food naturally elevates your metabolism and thus your ability to burn fat more effectively. Although this is a temporary effect, it still matters for the finish line!

Focus on healthy snacks

Many people have discovered that the root issue of their weight gain aren’t the main meals, but all the added foods they consume between meals. Sure, we all love to snack on some popcorn while watching a movie, but this turns into a marathon too often, leaving you with a filled belly, more cravings for unhealthy snacks, and an extra pound of fat around your waist.

In the same manner you practice portion control and eating healthy meals, you should replace junk food snacks with healthy, nutritious ones that are also not so calorie-dense. Instead of a bowl of chips, you can munch on a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, a home-made dessert, or apple slices. However, also make sure that these snacks fit into your daily diet regime, so that you don’t go over your daily caloric needs!


Weight loss comes down to how you treat your diet consistently, and how you complement your eating with exercise for speeding up your metabolism, ability to build muscle, and your ability to burn fat. Make sure that you’re giving it your best, and use these tips to speed up your weight loss journey!

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