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Top Artistic Finger Foods to Pass at Your Party

For a successful party, there is no quicker way to please the guests than to serve good food. It puts them in a great mood, it makes it easier to mingle, and they’re much more likely to enjoy themselves if they can reach out and grab a delicious canapé to go with their drink. And after you add tasty alcohol into the mix, the atmosphere will practically raise on its own! Now, well-made party snacks don’t need to be complicated at all, and if you want something that’s artsy, tasty, and that gives your party a very chic vibe, here are some suggestions that you can try.

Sweet potato and chorizo sausage

Mmm, delicious, delicious sweet potato. A really popular thing to add to any food, sweet potato is something that suits anyone’s taste, and here we’re suggesting that you make bite-sized pieces by mashing together chorizo sausage, potato, shredded cheddar cheese, and maybe a hint of cinnamon for a more interesting taste. You could also make the taste sweeter, and add some plum jelly into the mix to make this into a very complex, very fancy aperitif. This Southern recipe is a real crowd-pleaser and it’s bound to be a popular pick at your party.

Cheese enchiladas

Everyone loves enchiladas, and if you add some black beans into the dish then you’ll have a nice tasty thing on your hands. In fact, this gives you a lot of room to experiment and adjust the taste, and you can fill your little tortilla cups with green chilies, lettuce, sour cream, scallions, and any other sauce or ingredient that you like. We recommend picking out a stronger-tasting cheese to shred into the mix.

Avocado toast

Do you need something healthy? Avocado on toast is something you can see on the menus of top catering companies from NYC because this is delicious appetizer that guests can indulge in without feeling too guilty. It’s simple, nutritious, and best of all, it’s really tasty. You can add some prosciutto and a little cheese on top for an easy, no fuss meal that you can make in under thirty minutes. Avocado on toast is definitely really in right now, and if prepared properly and made into small, bite-sized pieces, the guests will keep returning to the table to get some more.

Blue cheese and bacon potatoes

Roast potatoes are such a hearty meal that always evokes feelings of a warm home, and it’s something that’s guaranteed to make every single person in the room really happy. It’s mouthwatering and it’s not complicated to make. We recommend golden Yukon potatoes because they’ll have a wonderful crispy crust, and all you need to do is slice into them partially and fill them up with thin bacon bits, blue cheese, and a bit of rosemary. The good thing about this meal is that it goes well with beer, so it’s pretty great for those parties where craft beer is served.

Bloody Mary cherry tomatoes

This one is a little unusual, but that only makes it even better because it will give people an opportunity to try something new. The only thing to bear in mind is that they need to be made in advance so cherry tomatoes could marinate properly. Boozy, tangy, and unique, you’ll need pepper vodka and tequila for this fun little appetizer.

Cheese balls with a twist

Cheese is another crowd-pleaser, and with this recipe you can take regular cheese balls up a notch and make something that tastes truly interesting. Use Pimiento cheese and roll tiny truffles of it in chopped, roasted pecan nuts, bacon bits, parsley, and sesame. Fun, easy, and no one needs to know that it took you about 15 minutes to make it. It’s an appetizer that looks complex but is actually simple and delicious.

Pick a few of these, whip them up or have the catering company deliver them, and your party is bound to be a success!

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