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What to eat during Quarantine Days

The world is experiencing a very different and important period now. An illness in one country spread out to all other countries in a very short time and effecting everyone in the earth’s life. The best way to overcome is to stay at home for some time and protect ourselves and others. It has nice but also challenging effects. Especially we need to spend most of our time in the kitchen. We have gathered a list of things we need to be careful when preparing for ourselves, family.

Eat Healthy

We need to spend almost all our time at home between the walls. Some of us with kids and running after them and some of us are alone and trying to spend our time with different kinds of activities. There are many `do sports at home` videos around but still we cannot get the same effect from walking, running or going to a gym. So, whatever we do at home, we need to pay a lot of attention to the things we are eating. They need to be healthy, give energy and save us from all kinds of illnesses. Especially fruits, green and red vegetables will give us strength. Maybe once a week, we can give ourselves a break, but it shouldn’t be more than that. We can suggest you make a weekly plan and prepare the food or the ingredients from the beginning of the week so that you wouldn’t have to eat last minute, unhealthy food. To motivate us, here are some healthy snacks and energy bars that we can have in between meals and give us some power.


Use Minimum Amount of Ingredients

Most of the governments inform their residents that the supermarkets, pharmacies and other critical places will be open all the time, even at full closure periods. And they promise to have all kinds of food and other needs as much as possible. But we still need to be prepared for any situation. Yes we can prepare different and nice looking recipes but we should also keep in mind our menus for the upcoming days. We recommend you cook food with a minimum amount of ingredients and save for the next day.

Prepare in a Short Time with Less kitchen aid

24 hours times unknown time we are at home. And we all need to eat something. Sometimes nice meals, sometimes something quick. But the reality is that as human beings, we eat something minimum 3 times a day. Yes, for many people, cooking is a hobby or therapy but still we need to put a limit to it. If we don’t want to spend our day in the kitchen cooking, eating and washing dishes, try to find recipes that can be prepared quickly. Let’s optimize our time wisely at this period. We can also use all in one kitchen aids to prepare our food quickly. Especially, steamers are very helpful to us during quarantine days. They replace the need for multiple pots and pans and save your time in the kitchen. Here are our recommendations:


We have tried to share with you some important cooking and health tips at quarantine days. We would like to hear your feedback and your experiences as well. Hoping that the Corona days will be over soon.

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