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Reasons why you should try glass shelving in your kitchen

Shelves are an integral part of any kitchen, with an important role of organizing and helping put things in order.  With numerous different types of shelving units, their aesthetic value in a household is one of the major determiners when considering what material to use. The most commonly used materials are wood and plastic, however, for a contemporary touch, you may consider using glass. It’s sophisticated yet simple and  its classy finish can make your home stand out from the rest. Here are a few things to consider before you try glass shelving in your kitchen.

Benefits of glass shelving

The installation of glass shelves in the different parts of your house, that is, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms automatically transforms your space giving it a simple and classy finish. The shiny, smooth and transparent nature of glass are some of the characteristics that contribute to these elegant looks. Interior designers have been using glass installations in the minimalism interior designs as glass’s transparent nature creates an illusion of space. This makes homes feel brighter and bigger as it allows light to get to the darkest corners of the room. In bathrooms which are known for their gloomy feel, glass shelves are used in order to allow in enough lighting in the dark edges. However, you can also combine the shelves with glass sliding doors and cabinets to give the bathroom a classy finish.

glass shelving


Glass is readily available as it is manufactured out of sand. The availability of sand makes it more advantageous when compared to other materials such as wood as the manufacturing is non-destructive to the environment. This makes glass the go-to item when manufacturing is put into consideration. Also, glass gives a modern finish when compared to wood.

The replacement of kitchen cabinets with glass shelves is highly advised as glass shelves make it easier to access items stored in them because they are not enclosed. This allows one to move swiftly around the kitchen and greatly reduces the time of operation. This, in turn, saves you a lot of time and boosts your productivity around the kitchen area when cooking.  

glass shelving

Creative lighting

It is also easier to enhance the look of the kitchen area further using glass shelves by adding lights around them. Using small LED lights, you can light up the shelving area either from the top, below or from the sides and create depth to space. The transparent nature adds a more dramatic feel to the look as it allows light to pass through them. This not only does it makes the space more appealing but also creates a mood that makes it more exciting to work in the environment.

Open glass shelving in your kitchen

Open glass shelving is the best way to showcase your décor and other fancy objects in your household. However, in the kitchen, the idea of exposing your delicate cutlery may not be equally pleasing. However, it is considered one of the best ways to show your bold and confident personality around the kitchen space. Open shelving has been known to be a subtler way of creatively creating more storage space in your kitchen area without attracting much attention. Glass shelving is the best for this as one can use a super slim hardened glass to create an illusion of items floating in the air. The variation of the depth of the shelves will determine what items can be placed on it. The deeper the shelves are, the bigger the items that are to be stored. 

Open shelving in the kitchen space can be considered highly beneficial as it’s versatile. This means that it can easily blend in with any kitchen design, be it vintage, modern or classic designs. Therefore, it doesn’t require a complete change of structure in order to accommodate it. Also, it is extremely cheap to install the open shelves because all they require are blocks of glass shelves that are attached to the wall. This makes them budget-friendly and more available for persons who may not be able to afford fully furnished kitchen spaces.

Accessories glass shelves can be altered with 

As much as glass shelves are perfect and fit for different households one might outgrow the interior style. You may consider trying out kitchen cabinets with sliding glass doors. Unlike other cabinet doors, they are advantageous as the sliding doors save on space. Therefore, the doors can easily facilitate quick movement around the kitchen. Glass shelves can be altered including Antique hatches, Kitchen cabinets, and Vintage lockers.

All in all, with the advantages that glass shelves exhibit they still manage to stand out when compared to other storage facilities in the household because they are known to take advantage of small awkward wall spaces and turn them into beautiful storage spaces. 

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