Easy Gourmet Toasted Sandwich

  • Yield : 2
  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Cook Time : 5m
  • Ready In : 5m

This is probably one of the easiest meals you can make quickly, without spending too much money and keeping healthy at the same time!
To make this recipe you’ll need a Sandwich Toaster or jaffle maker, (You need the toaster which cook the ends of the bread together, see the picture above).
I have a soft side to this recipe as my mum made these for us three boys growing up, its always a treat to have, she loved how easy and cheap it was for her when we were growing up.
You can also serve this recipe up with a side soup which is awesome for dunking the toasted sandwich in!

This recipe can also be changed up too make desserts or breakfast! You could use banana, maple syrup and some cinnamon in the toasted sandwich. (very tasty!)


  • bread slices
  • can baked beans
  • leek
  • tomato
  • spinach or dark leafy greens of choice
  • nuttelex or butter of choice
  • pinch of dried thyme plus extra depending on your taste preference (per sandwich)
  • pinch of ground cumin plus extra depending on your taste preference (per sandwich)
  • pinch of dried oregano plus extra depending on your taste preference (per sandwich)
  • pinch of chilli flakes (optional)


Step 1

Start by cutting the leek and slicing the tomato into thin slices

Step 2

next butter one side of the bread and place one piece butter side down on the jaffle maker

Step 3

next drain the excess liquid from the baked beans, then place a few scoops on the first piece of bread and level it out as even as possible

Step 4

place on the tomato and leek, and then the herbs on top

Step 5

next place your leafy greens on top with your second piece of bread (if you like sprinkle more herbs on the top of the bread)

Step 6

Time to close the lid of the toaster and start cooking! (hold the top bread in place when closing so it cooks perfectly even on each side)

Step 7

wait until the sides have sealed shut and the tops have turned golden brown before removing, also you will probably get some spillage out the sides but don't worry there's still heaps left inside.

Step 8

let stand for a few mins as the insides are steamy hot, then enjoy!

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  1. posted by VeganBoy on January 11, 2017

    Wow, I just made these toasties and they are awesome!! This is coming from a fussy Vegan eater too! Thank you!!!


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