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How to Get Rid of Smelly Kitchen Odors?

It’s wonderful and cozy to fill your kitchen with a mouth-watering smell of a favorite home-cooked meal.

But no one enjoys when the kitchen odor remains for days and stinks the house out. That’s right, your home absorbs the strong cooking scents of tasty fried foods, roasted meats, fish, and spices. Lucky for you, there are simple ways to combat this trouble.

If you wonder how to keep your house fresh and free from funky smells, keep on reading. We at Easy Recipe Depot have prepared a list of smart and easy-to-follow tips that will help you eliminate all kitchen odors.

Get Air Moving

An effective tip to stop the spread of odors when you cook is quick air ventilation. The easiest way is to keep the kitchen windows open and thus let the smell out. You’ll get better results with a fan that points out the window.

The following electric devices can help getting rid of the unpleasant scent:

  • Kitchen chimney – this device that absorbs fumes and cleans the kitchen air through its special filters that collect grease and smells.
  • Exhaust fan – a more expensive device due to its strong abilities to absorb all stinks. It’s an immutable part of the restaurants’ kitchens.
  • Air conditioner – alongside the regulation of temperature levels, a powerful air conditioner can also filter the air from fumes and nasty odors.
  • Air purifier – a more affordable alternative. Air cleaners minimize various nasty odors, not just those from cooking and you don’t need crazy budgets. You need as little as $100 to buy a good purifier for your kitchen.

Clean as Soon as Possible

Pesky smells can come from greasy skillets, pots, plates, etc. When left soiled for too long, they become a source of unpleasant odors. So it’s important to wash dirty dishes right after you use them.

And what about the cooking mess? When children help with preparation of yummy desserts or your husband cooks a surprise dinner, stains and spills will be all over the kitchen. The best thing is to wipe these immediately. Kitchen spills can grow to a bad smell. A trick is to sprinkle salt, and add a drop or two of water on each spot. This will both help you clean stains easier and stop odors from lingering.

Check your Sink

You’ve cleaned perfectly the kitchen but the stench is still there? 

The cause might be a clogged sink because sometimes food residues get stuck in it and start to stink. Unclog and freshen the sink by pouring half a cup of baking soda and hot water in it. This hack works great and eliminates funky smells.

Treat the Garbage

To prevent stink in the kitchen, throw out the trash regularly. Don’t wait until it overflows the bin and takes over your kitchen because then the bad smell is guaranteed. We recommend to wipe sanitize and freshen your garbage bin, once in a while. Do this once or twice a week to keep good hygiene and a fresh atmosphere. Having a modern garbage disposal unit can also help by far.

Clean Appliances

To reduce bad scents, it’s essential to keep the kitchen appliances clean. 

How to take care of the dishwasher? It’s super easy – clean its filter and then leave it on “rinse only”. When the dishwasher is ready, let it stay open and thus vent it. If you clean it this way, you’ll get rid of residual food bits that cause the odor.              

Don’t forget about the fridge and freezer. To avoid unpleasant leftovers smells, store the food well wrapped or in a container. Another tip to stop odors coming out of the fridge or freezer is to defrost the appliances. Then thoroughly clean them by wiping all stains with white vinegar diluted in water.

Clean appliances lead to no stink.

Conquer Odors with Other Smells

eliminate odor

Here are several simple ideas on how to create lovely scents that will fight the unpleasant ones.

  • Put small bowls with coffee beans around the kitchen, even in the fridge. Coffee beans are great for absorbing the stink, plus their fragrance is so nice.
  • Baking soda is another great absorbent that will eliminate pesky scents when placed in different corners of the kitchen.
  • To fight stagnant smells, let lemon or orange peels simmer. You can add cinnamon or vanilla. Leave the pot with the potion on the stove all day. The sweet-citrus aroma will make you forget about the cooking odor.
  • You burnt your juicy steak and now the kitchen is all in smoke? Vinegar is your solution. A large bowl of white vinegar works best diminishing the smoke odor. 
  • This tip is a bit odd but it actually works. Take a slice of bread and burn it. The smell of burnt toast is a fast way to combat various sources of stench. And, don’t worry, it doesn’t stay for long.
  • The easiest way to stop a bad smell is to light some scented candles.

Of course, you can always get creative and make your own fragrance by using your favorite essential oils, too! 

Stop the Kitchen Odors from Spreading Throughout your Home

Your clothes, blankets, curtains, and other fabrics absorb all kinds of fumes. Prevent that by closing the other rooms and wardrobes doors every time you cook something smelly. This will keep you from wearing an outfit that smells like the fish you had for dinner.

Final words

To keep the kitchen in a neat and fresh condition can be a neverending challenge but should never quit. All you need to keep nasty smells at bay is persistence, a bit of DIY trickery and a dash of technology. 


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