Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats


Give your Rice Krispie Treats the holiday makeover it deserves! These Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats will become your newest Christmas favorite!

When it comes to the holiday season, I’m no stranger to gingerbread-themed desserts. This is why I decided to whip-up the most delicious batch of rice cereal treats: Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats! They’ll be Santa’s newest favorite dessert!

A close-up shot of a gingerbread rice cereal treat on a white plate

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How To Make Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats

These Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats are the epitome of the holiday season! Sweet, spicy, and perfectly chewy, you’ll hardly be able to keep your hands off of this dessert! Prepare your sweet tooth!

What You Need:

Here’s what you’ll need from the store. The exact amounts are in the printable recipe card at the bottom of this post.

Kitchen Tools:


Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats Tips

What Makes These Gingerbread Rice Krispies?

These Rice Krispie Treats get their gingerbread flavor all thanks to the added ingredients to the marshmallow, which include molasses, ground ginger and ground cinnamon. You must add these ingredients once your marshmallows are already melted in the large pot.

Don’t Pack The Treats Too Tightly

When pour the cereal treat mixture into the baking pan, don’t pack it into the pan too tightly. Just smooth it down evenly with your spatula. This will prevent super hard Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats.

Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats smoothed out in a parchment-lined square pan

Leave a Parchment Overhang

When lining your baking pan with parchment paper, have some of the paper hang over the sides of the pan. This will prevent the edges of the treats from sticking and also, makes it a lot easier to take them out from the pan.

A serving of Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats on a white plate, surrounded by Christmas decorations and a pan full of rice cereal treats

Are There Any Ingredient Alternatives?

Try to stick with the ingredients as outlined below to stick with a true gingerbread flavor. However, for an additional flavor kick, feel free to add a teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

How Can I Store Leftover Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats?

To store these delicious treats, cut them into squares and place them into an airtight container. Let them sit on the counter for up to 3 days (if they even last that long in your household!).

Can I Freeze Leftover Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats?

Yes! If you’d like them to keep for longer than three days, wrap each treat in wax paper, then plastic, and place in a freezer-friendly container. You can freeze them for up to three months. To defrost, allow to thaw completely on your counter, and then they’ll be ready for snacking!

A gingerbread-flavored rice cereal treat on a white plate, with a full pan of Gingerbread rice cereal treats in the background
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Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats

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Give your Rice Krispie Treats the holiday makeover it deserves! These Gingerbread Rice Krispie Treats will become your newest Christmas favorite!
Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:10 minutes
Resting Time:1 hour
Total Time:1 hour 15 minutes





  • 1/4 cup salted butter
  • Miniature marshmallows 16 oz. bag
  • 3 tbsp molasses
  • 2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal


  • Add parchment paper to an 8 x 8 square pan (leave an overhang). Set aside.
  • Add butter into a large pot over medium heat. Allow to melt.
  • Once melted, add miniature marshmallows and mix constantly until thoroughly melted.
  • Once marshmallows are completely melted, add molasses, ground ginger and ground cinnamon. Fold and mix thoroughly.
  • Remove gingerbread marshmallow mixture from the heat and add cereal. Mix until cereal is well-coated with the marshmallow mixture.
  • Gently pat the rice cereal treats into the lined pan and smooth out evenly. Let rest for about one hour. Cut into 9 squares and serve.


Serving: 1square | Calories: 138kcal | Carbohydrates: 21g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Trans Fat: 0.2g | Cholesterol: 14mg | Sodium: 142mg | Potassium: 129mg | Fiber: 0.3g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 1400IU | Vitamin C: 12mg | Calcium: 19mg | Iron: 6mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: gingerbread, rice cereal, rice cereal treats, rice krispie treats, rice krispies
Servings: 9 squares
Calories: 138kcal
A gingerbread-flavored rice cereal treat on a white plate with a fork sitting next to it
Gingerbread Rice Krispie Square served on a white plate with a miniature tree in the background

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