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Welcome to Easy Recipe Depot – where simplicity meets scrumptious! Dive into a world where home cooking is a breeze, and taste buds dance with delight. Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or a seasoned chef, our easy-peasy recipes and meal planning tips are your golden ticket to delectable dishes without the fuss.

🍳 Whip Up Magic in Minutes: Life’s too short for complicated cooking! Our recipes are like a friendly kitchen sidekick, guiding you step by step to culinary triumphs. With ingredients you know and steps that are a cinch, you’ll be dishing out delights in no time!

🥗 Meal Planning, Decoded: Say goodbye to mealtime mayhem! Our handy meal planning and prep tips turn the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” into a chorus of “Can’t wait for dinner!” We make it easy to plan your meals, making every week a delicious adventure. From Ready, Set, Eat!” our free guide, to personalized strategies, we ensure your meal planning is as enjoyable as the feasting.

📝 Kitchen Confidence: From savory dinners to tempting desserts, our foolproof recipes are designed to boost your kitchen confidence. Each dish is a victory, each meal a celebration.

📱 Get Started Now: Eager to dive into the world of easy and fun cooking? Check out our FREE Meal Planning App! It’s packed with tasty recipes and smart tips to make your meal prep simple and enjoyable. Whether you’re planning a week’s menu or looking for tonight’s dinner, our app is your go-to resource for stress-free cooking.

Ready to cook, plan, and savor the simple joy of homemade meals? Let’s get started!

Introducing The Easy Recipe Depot Team

Meet Carrie

Carrie from Clutter Keeper

Carrie Ypma is the owner and chief executive officer of Easy Recipe Depot. She’s an optimist by nature and enjoys cooking and preparing easy meals for her family. When she’s not working on Easy Recipe Depot you’ll find her over at her blog, Ideas for the Home by Kenarry sharing more recipes, trying new craft ideas, planning for parties and events as well as decorating our home. You’ll also find her at her home organization blog Clutter Keeper®, and her craft blog Messy Momma Crafts where she shares arts and craft ideas for parents.

Carrie’s other passion is volunteerism and connecting people with opportunities to make a difference in their community. She’s one of the founders of an annual Women’s Service Day event. She also spent many years as the director of a short-term missions program for teens serving throughout the US, Canada and abroad.

Meet Kent

Kent Ypma from Clutter Keeper®

Kent is responsible for a lot of the behind-the-scenes work at Easy Recipe Depot including acting as a sounding board and providing technical support. 

By day, Kent is a design engineer and manager for an automotive supplier. In his spare time, he loves researching new tech toys, fishing at our cottage and watching the Seahawks win.

Meet Annie

Annie Kearns is an independent contractor who focuses on SEO strategy, editing and writing blog posts and other digital content. Annie grew up in a small town in Kansas with a passion for writing and a hunger to experience the world “beyond the rainbow.”

Today, she lives in West Virginia with her husband and their blended family of 7 children. Together, they have a West Virginia food and travel blog called Venture1105.

Meet Lisa

Lisa is an independent contractor who serves as our Customer Care Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager and Affiliate Marketing Manager. To say Lisa is a digital content creator that wears many hats in an understatement.

Lisa is a full-time content creator who loves to keep busy. You may know her from her blog, Moments With Lisa, where she passionately speaks on home decor, fashion and elegant living. In 2022, Lisa launched her very own accessories line, Legacy Del. Her newest project, Mickey à la Carte, is something she looks forward to working on every single day! On days off, Lisa enjoys going on culinary adventures with her family, scouring fashion racks, and cozying-up with a good book.

Meet Keri

As an independent contractor, Keri Houchin serves as our Graphic Designer, creating images for Easy Recipe Depot. She is a writer, creator, wife and mom of two from Texas.

She began her blog, One Mama’s Daily Drama, when her teens were little as a way to help parents navigate the chaos of family life. She is passionate about planning, organizing and helping other parents find practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Meet Kailee

As an independent contractor, Kailee Bellermann serves as our Pinterest Marketing Manager.

Kailee is a Texas native and founder of KB Marketing Solutions, LLC. By day, she is a skilled physician Credentialing Manager, streamlining credentialing processes and procedures for her department. As the sun sets, she transitions into her role as a Pinterest Marketing Manager. 

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking alongside her husband and transforming their kitchen into a dance floor. She loves playing sports with her nieces and nephews and as the day winds to a close, you’ll find her cozied up with a good book, a cup of tea and her two dogs.

Meet Samantha G.

Samantha Gorbatyuk is an independent contractor who serves as the Newsletter Writer for Easy Recipe Depot. Sam is a Florida native who now lives in Colorado where she works in human resources by day. In her spare time, she loves cooking delicious goodies, hiking with her dogs, writing amazing content and spending time with her husband.