Top 35 Indian Cooking Blogs- 2020


Top Food Blogs India
With its savory, spicy flavors, Indian food is a favorite with diners around the world. Top Indian food bloggers bring authentic cuisine home while showing just how easy it is to create amazing flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

The Colors of Indian Cooking

Spicy eggplant curry, baked samosas, and apple chutney are just a few of the delights to be savored at The Colors of Indian Cooking, an award-winning Indian food blog by Hollywood screenwriter Kathy Gori. There’s a strong focus on vegetarian and vegan recipes here, with plenty of gluten-free options to enjoy. Rice dishes, seafood, desserts, and other treats are arranged in categories for easy searching, and the photos are both tantalizing and mesmerizing.

Pooja’s Cookery

Whether you’re looking for Indian vegetarian recipes or dishes where meat is the main ingredient, you’ll find lots of inspiration at Pooja’s Cookery. Find recipes for Modak and other Indian sweets such as Sakhar bhat, and savory treats like cheese-stuffed mashed potato balls, no deep-fat-frying required. Not only is Pooja’s Cookery among the world’s best-rated Indian blogs, it’s also a great place to find appealing step-by-step videos. Hope you’re hungry!

Tasty Appetite

Want to see how to make Indian food at home? You’ll find lots of videos covering some of the world’s most popular Indian recipes when you visit Tasty Appetite. Along the way, you’ll also find inspiration for a variety of international favorites. Colorful photos lend a cheerful atmosphere, and meal-by-meal categorization makes searching simpler than ever. Not surprisingly, this incredible blog has over a million Facebook fans. Like you, they’re here for the food!

Traditionally Modern Food

Sweet, savory, and sour flavors mingle beautifully at Traditionally Modern Food, where you’ll find mouthwatering photos, excellent instructions for preparing Indian food in the comfort of your own home, and plenty of videos with step-by-step details to ensure that your meals turn out perfectly. A well-organized recipe list makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, and there’s an entire section devoted to toddler-friendly recipes. No matter who you’re cooking for, this award-winning Indian food blog is sure to be a hit.

Shobha’s Food Mazaa

Beautiful photos backed by numerous awards are just one reason to take a quick trip to Shobha’s Food Mazaa, where you’ll find tasty Indian recipes alongside all sorts of helpful links to weights and measures, cooking terms, and much more. Categories like Andhra Cuisine, Bengali Cuisine, and Gujarati Cuisine make it very easy to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re in the mood for chutney, masala, rotti, or something else, you’ve come to the right place.

Swapna’s Cuisine

Prepare to be tempted! Swapna’s Cuisine reels you in with magnificent desserts, traditional Indian recipes, and plenty of inspiring contemporary offerings. There are baked goods aplenty, plus all the savory delights you’ve been dreaming of: Paneer biriyani, Mushroom masala, Palak paneer, and Erissery are just a few of the treasures to be found here.

Saffron Streaks

Food stories, articles, and of course cuisine are among the many offerings at Saffron Streaks, where there’s a strong emphasis on Bengali recipes. Want to learn how to make Paneer? You can do it here. From the fresh taste of homemade cheese to the warm, comforting flavors of Bengali Masoor Dal, this beautiful blog has it all. Recipes are categorized for easy searching, adding a welcome touch of convenience to your visit.

Chitra Ammas Kitchen

South Indian recipes are the main focus at Chitra Ammas Kitchen, where you’ll find a wealth of information and inspiration for creating a wide variety of foods, including plenty of vegetarian options. Bondas, Morkuzhambu Vadai, Porial, Halwa, Thoran, and Adais are just some of the delicacies to be found here. Another top 100 Indian Food Blogs winner, this one includes great descriptions, concise ingredients lists, and easy, numbered directions that make it simple to cook restaurant-worthy Indian food at home.

Kitchen E Kichu Khonn

If you’re on the lookout for Punjabi recipes, Chicken pakoda, Chilli chicken, or Potato bhaji, you’ve come to the right place. Kitchen E Kichu Khonn is a top 100 Indian Food Blogs award winner for a very good reason: It has a massive collection of recipes that have been added since its beginning in 2008, and there’s plenty of authentic Indian deliciousness to be found here. All of it is sure to appeal to your tastebuds: From simple, basic staples to amazing dishes worthy of a festival, this blog has it all.

Delectable Victuals

With a name like Delectable Victuals, you know this blog just has to be a great one! Whether you’re looking for chutneys and dips, vegetarian curry recipes, or tasty dry curries, you’ll find plenty to choose from here. That’s not all: This Top 100 Indian Food Blog Award winner also features a nice selection of ethnic foods including Italian, Japanese, Asian Fusion, Mexican, and much more. The photos are incredible and the descriptions are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Anglo Indian Food

Brainchild of top-selling cookbook author Bridget White, Anglo Indian Food is an outstanding blog with multiple awards under its belt. The photos are beautiful, the recipes are easy to follow, and in case you’re not sure what you’d like to make, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found. From simple chicken curry to Bombay toast, you’ll find an incredible variety of palate-pleasing tastes here.

Charus Cuisine

If you’re looking for a one-stop spot for Indian vegetarian recipes, then you’ll love everything Charus Cuisine has to offer. Every recipe includes a brief description and an attractive photograph, plus easy instructions. Recipes are categorized for quick and simple searching, and the overall look is streamlined. There’s a strong focus on healthy eating here, which is something just about everyone can appreciate.

Cooking with Shobana

A visit to Cooking with Shobana might remind you of a comforting visit to your mother’s kitchen! Shobana offers delicious recipes with lovely photos, plus she provides a wealth of useful tips for making Indian food at home. Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, ingredients lists are carefully outlined, and delicious results are virtually guaranteed!

Cooking from My Heart

Traditional paneer curry, gorgeous green chutney for Chaat, and delectable Kara Pidi Kozhukattai are just a few of the delights to be savored at Cooking from My Heart. The author’s passion shines through in carefully curated recipes as well as in exquisitely photographed images that are guaranteed to make you hungry. There’s an entire section of video recipes here, along with plenty of printed recipes arranged in categories for easy browsing.

Cook’s Hideout

Want to make a candy bar cake? How about traditional challah bread or some Kesar Mango Phirni (saffron mango rice pudding)? You’ll find all these things and more on the Top 100 Indian Food Blog Award-winning Cook’s Hideout. This is a big, big food blog that covers the basics and a whole lot more. International cuisine and popular Indian recipes are categorized for convenient browsing, and stunning photos add a mouthwatering edge. If you’re looking for vegetarian or vegan Indian food recipes, you’ll find plenty to love here!

Indian Food Express

A beautifully photographed blog by Master Chef finalist Geeta Sridhar, Indian Food Express delves deep into the world of Indian food, with incredible recipes for festivals and holidays, plus simpler fare for everyday enjoyment. Try the tender coconut payasam recipe, or go in a completely different direction with spicy black eye bean curry with phulkas. Whatever you do, you won’t leave hungry! Not surprisingly, this exquisite collection is among the Top 100 Indian Food Blog award winners.

Reshlock’s Ethnic Food & Culture

You’ll find much more than Indian recipes at Reshlock’s Ethnic Food & Culture: This exciting blog puts you in touch with world cuisine. Chutneys, festive recipes, healthy foods, vegetarian options, and many other delights await visitors, all tidily arranged in an A to Z directory that makes searching fun and easy.


If exploring the world of food sounds like fun to you, stop by JPKC13, also affectionately known as Welcome to My World by the Lady JStyle. Look around for a moment and you’ll soon find your way to Angel’s Food Paradise, where delightful recipes abound. There are breads to be baked, entrees to be savored, and candy to delight the tastebuds.

Tingle UR Tastebuds

Looking for a fantastic carrot halwa recipe? How about a recipe for Dhoodh Peda (milk fudge)? These are just two examples of the wonderful things you’ll find when you visit Tingle – UR – Tastebuds, another Top 100 Indian Food Blogs award winner. Beautifully photographed and categorized for easy browsing, this blog is guaranteed to provide you with a dose of inspiration for your own cooking adventures.

The Chatori Diaries

One visit to The Chatori Diaries and you’ll see why this beautifully designed site recently won an award on the coveted Top 100 Indian Food Blogs list. Take a peek into top restaurant kitchens and see how delicacies are prepared, learn lots of new ways to enjoy mangos, and enjoy recipes for halwa and other delights.


While it’s not necessarily a cooking site, Feedage is well worth a visit. This huge directory features a massive food section where you’ll find lots of Indian food blogs and much more.

Give Me Some Spice

Want quick, tasty modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi, or maybe some delicious papadums? Give Me Some Spice offers these delicacies and much, much more. From basics and essentials to special recipes for Hindu festivals, this site has it all! Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like heading to the kitchen and getting creative.

Bong Mom’s Cookbook

Samosas, shingaras, and incredible chutneys are just a few of the things you’ll find at Bong Mom’s Cookbook. Recipes are arranged in groups for easy searching, and there’s a focus on fresh, real ingredients. While you’ll find some non-traditional treats like strawberry frozen yogurt here, this blog features mostly Bengali food, along with video tutorials and more.

Monsoon Spice

Search for your favorite Indian recipes by title or ingredients, or just take a look at the directory, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration. Monsoon Spice offers an incredible array of sweet and savory foods with simple, easy to follow instructions. Whether you want to learn the basics or get into some of the more complicated aspects of Indian cooking, you’ll appreciate everything this beautifully photographed blog has to offer.

Sanjeev Kapoor

For a fresh take on Indian cuisine, check out Sanjeev Kapoor. A fantastic blog with recipes, video, and more, it features lots of ideas for main courses and snacks, all courtesy of this top celebrity chefs and famous musicians. Special sections cover Indo-Chinese recipes, kitchen secrets, and tips to help you get to know your ingredients.

Indian Food Forever

At Indian Food Forever, you’ll find lots of recipes for classic favorites, as well as unique Indian recipes that mingle modern flavors with traditional tastes. Samosas, Pakora, Moong Dal Vada, and Naan are a few of the recipes you’ll discover when you visit. Be sure to check out special sections that cover Indian breads, desserts, snacks, and Indo Chinese favorites.

Veg Recipes of India

Restaurant-style foods are a specialty at Veg Recipes of India. You’ll also find an entire library of recipes for Indian street food. Special collections of recipes for Shri Rama Navami festival, Ugadi festival, and Holi Festival are just a few of the blog’s many fantastic features which are not to be missed.

Simple Indian Recipes

Offering a spectacular array of over 1,000 recipes that manage to be healthy and delicious, Simple Indian Recipes is easy to navigate by region, category, or ingredients. Whether you’re looking for Manchurian chicken, sweet potato masala, or a spicy zucchini curry, you’ll find it and much, much more when you visit.

Sailu’s Food

From simple, basic staples for everyday enjoyment to complex recipes for special occasions, Sailu’s Food is a beautifully photographed blog with a heartfelt focus on preserving India’s rich culinary heritage. Fresh ingredients reign supreme here, along with staples like rice, potatoes, and of course, plenty of Indian spices! You’ll also find some unique international food recipes that mingle contemporary and traditional flavors, and in case you’re looking for a wonderful Indian dessert to round out your meal, you’ll find lots of inspiration here.

The Spruce

While there’s a lot more to The Spruce than Indian food, this outstanding blog offers an entire section brimming with fantastic recipes for classics ranging from Palak Paneer to Aloo Matar and beyond. If you’re hoping to duplicate a meal that you’ve had at a restaurant, there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for when you visit.


Hyderabadi delicacies, evening teatime snacks, and simple, no-cook favorites are just a few things you’ll find at TarlaDalal, which is India’s #1 food site. Written and curated by one of the nation’s top cookbook writers and personalities, this blog has more than 17,000 Indian recipes to choose from, plus it offers an entire collection of videos designed to help you learn all the ins and outs of Indian cooking.


Thousands of Indian recipes are just waiting to be discovered at KhanaPakana. This blog includes recipes by region, plus a history of Indian food that tells the story of how many of your favorite recipes fit into the culture. Regional delicacies are explored at length, and there are plenty of videos to help you on your way.

Manjula’s Kitchen

Crisp delicious Thattai, classic Palak, and Kachori with Kadhi are just a few of the top recipes you’ll find when you visit Manjula’s Kitchen. This blog features a wide array of sweet and savory recipes, along with video tutorials that teach you how to make Indian food favorites in the comfort of your own home. Menu planning tips, hints for presenting your dishes beautifully, and other tutorials are some of the other features found in this beautifully photographed Indian food blog.

BBC Food Cuisines India

The BBC are renowned for their exceptional programming, so it’s no surprise that they offer an entire blog dedicated to Indian food, which happens to be a favorite with many Brits! Top Indian chefs contribute to this gorgeous blog on a regular basis, and recipes are easy to find by name, type, or ingredient. BBC Food Cuisines India makes it easy to create some of your favorite dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

Swathsi’s Recipes

A vast, vibrant blog with photos that will make your mouth water, Swathsi’s Recipes offers a wealth of Indian food recipes. From paneers to chutneys to curries, it’s brimming with recipes you’ll want to try immediately. If you happen to be craving sweets, you’ll find loads of inspiration here.

Show Me the Curry!

Grab your slow cooker and make a delicious batch of Urad Daal, or hit the market for some mangos and whip up a fresh salad or salsa. Show Me the Curry! is a fantastic blog with plenty of Indian food classics to choose from, all arranged in categories that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Each recipe includes ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.


If you’re looking for some history and cultural wisdom along with traditional Indian recipes, you’ll find a heaping helping at Thokalath. Recipes are arranged by type, by festival, and in some cases, by ingredient. Each one comes with hints and tips, along with an explanation of its origin and some traditions that surround it.

Recipes Indian

An enormous Indian cooking blog with a vast collection of Indian recipes from all over Asia, Recipes Indian features everything from curries to pickles and chutneys to craveable South Indian sweet dishes. All recipes are sorted by category so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t miss the Indian festival recipes! There are lots to explore and you’re certain to find some new favorites.


At CheenaChatti, you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes to choose from including traditional Kerala and South Indian cuisines. Koorka Thoran, Chicken Biryani, Meen Mulakitatth, and Mutton Curry are just a few of the dishes you’ll find yourself craving when you visit. Recipes are arranged in galleries and are also listed beneath headings by type, making navigation a breeze.

Food Viva

Kalakand, Barfi, Ragi Roti, and savory vegetable puffs are a few of the fantastic treats featured at Food Viva. Regional specialties are categorized for easy browsing, and there’s an entire collection of festival foods to explore. Of course, there’s no shortage of curries, paneers, and other classics to choose from!

Hooked on Heat

While Hooked on Heat is based in Canada, make no mistake: this top blog will have you dishing up Indian cuisine in no time. If you’re new to the exotic spices and ingredients found in many dishes, consider starting your journey with Indian Cooking 101, a quick course in the basics that will set you on the path toward culinary greatness.

Great Indian Recipes

As the blog’s name suggests, Great Indian Recipes is a fantastic source for inspiration. If you’ve been longing for the delicious flavors that make Indian cuisine so popular, you’ll find exactly what you’re craving here. Many of the recipes are easy, basic, and perfect for beginning cooks to try at home; others are more complicated, but the results are well worth the effort.

Hari Ghotra

A vibrant Indian food blog, Hari Ghotra offers loads of inspiration with gorgeous photos, fantastic video tutorials, and lots of wonderful recipes to choose from. A little larger than some of the other blogs we’ve showcased, this one offers some extras including classes and special curry kits designed to help you create authentic tasting foods to share with friends and family. If you’re not into the pre-mixed spices, don’t worry – a special video series called Spotlight on Spices teaches you all the basics and much, much more.

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