35 Best Food Blogs In 2020


Whether you’re in search of fantastic recipes to wow holiday guests, or if you’re simply looking for easy dinner ideas for a busy weeknight, food blogs can be an excellent source of inspiration. With no further ado, here are our top picks for the very best food blogs these days.

Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things

Written by food writer Liz Posmyk, Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things is a highly acclaimed, award-winning food blog covering a vast array of topics. Looking for edible gifts? In search of delicious Hungarian recipes? Want to make homemade hummus worth serving to guests? Lizzy has you covered. Come for the cheese scones, stay for the beef stroganoff recipe, and be sure to linger just a little longer for a delicious dessert – maybe chocolate cherry pavlova would be just right!

Bunny Kitchen

At Bunny Kitchen, you’ll find one vegan delight after another – all worth sinking your teeth into. Winner of the 2016 Must-Follow Vegan Blog award, it’s packed with enticing images and recipes sweet and savory alike. Want to learn how to make vegan cheese, vegan smoothies proper baked beans or the perfect vegan Christmas pudding? These are just a few of the delights waiting to be discovered.

Cardamom and Tea

Looking for Assyrian food? You’ll love what you find at Cardamom and Tea, which offers a focus on traditional Middle Eastern cooking alongside plenty of new tastes inspired by different cultures. Besides delicious recipes for treats like Potato Chop, you’ll also find ingredient spotlights designed to teach you how to use spices, herbs, and products that might be new to you. Winner of Saveur’s Editor’s Choice Best New Voice award, this blog is well worth a look – particularly if you’re interested in changing up your menu.

Daily Forage

Living gluten-free can seem like a challenge. That’s where Daily Forage comes in: It’s a gluten-free food blog designed to increase your knowledge while treating you to scrumptious, safe treats. These GF recipes are dairy-free too; imagine honey bourbon cake, an all-purpose gluten-free baking mix to speed up food prep, and more. Whether you’re looking for savory mains or decadent GF-DF desserts, you’ll find plenty to choose from here.

Drizzle and Dip

An award-winning blog by cookbook author, food stylist, photographer, and recipe developer Sam Linsell, Drizzle and Dip offers a h2 focus on seasonal ingredients and good health while delivering a few decadent nibbles here and there. Food, restaurant reviews, travel tales, and recipes live alongside one another here, in perfect harmony. Prepare to be deliciously amazed!

Ginger it Up

A vegetarian food blog with a h2 focus on health, Ginger it Up also offers quite a few vegan recipes. Many features are inspired by India’s delicious, ginger-laden cuisine, as well as by the author’s determination to live each day with happiness while enjoying delicious flavors and great health. Be sur to check out the Rendezvous feature while you’re there: These interviews are sure to inspire!

Hook and Blade

Want to get up close and personal with food? Hook and Blade isn’t just about recipes; interviews with top chefs, food-inspired travel, food photography, and other topics round it out beautifully. One visit and you’ll immediately see why this enticing blog won Saveur’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Food and Culture Best Essay Award.

I’m Still Hungry

Whether you live in Australia or are planning a trip Down Under, you’ll probably appreciate I’m Still Hungry for its honest take on food, beverages, and dining experiences overall. This incredibly beautiful Sydney food blog is written by photographer Michael Shen: It covers restaurants, travel, and much more.

Kalyn’s Kitchen

On the lookout for low carb recipes? If so, head straight to Kalyn’s Kitchen, where you’ll find recipes for low carb pizza bake, keto-friendly spinach mozzarella egg bake, and wonderful low-glycemic recipes such as cheesy spaghetti squash. You’ll be amazed at the flavors – and inspired by the enticing photos found here.

Ken Eats Gainesville

Food blogger Ken Peng is on a mission to promote Gainesville restaurants and celebrate the city itself. Refreshing for its honesty, exciting for its enticing food photography, and serving up fresh Gainesville restaurant reviews on a regular basis, Ken Eats Gainesville is a must-visit with a h2 social media presence.

Master Chef Mom

Jam-packed with great Indian food recipes, Master Chef Mom is also a source of inspiration for vegans, vegetarians, and busy moms looking for lunch box recipes. From main dishes to snacks to desserts, recipes are neatly categorized and well-photographed. Most recipes are inspired by traditional Indian cuisine, and are often accompanied by stories explaining the origins of the delicious flavors found inside.


Whether you’re traveling to Miami or are native to the Sunshine State, MIAbites is well worth a look. A fantastic guide to Miami’s restaurants, food festivals, and more, it’s essential for anyone hoping to try a new cocktail or enjoy a well-above-average dining experience. Be sure to check out the blog’s Save the Dates section while you’re there: It’s an outstanding Miami event calendar with a h2 focus on the city’s many gustatory delights.

Mummy Mishaps

Slow cooker recipes? Meal ideas for busy weeknights? You’ll find these and much more at Mummy Mishaps, which also happens to offer a wealth of inspiring cake recipes including some meant just for the slow cooker. Perfect for busy moms and written with a dash of humor alongside some exquisitely photographed treats you’ll long to taste for yourself, this blog has a coveted spot on Foodies 100 UK Food Blogs, and has won tons of awards including Top Parenting Blog, 2016 Must-Follow Family Food Blog, and more.

The Devil’s Kitchen

Looking for incredible Halloween recipes, or treats to serve up next time you gather friends together for scary movie night? The Devil’s Kitchen has you covered with boozy delights, tasty main dishes, decadent desserts, and much, much more. With a dash of humor and some darkly delightful photography tossed in for good measure, this blog serves up plenty of fun alongside delicious recipes you’ll want to try for yourself.

The Wood and Spoon

Love to bake? Head to The Wood and Spoon for some truly awe-inspiring recipes for decadent treats and a few healthier goodies, too. Winner of Saveur’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Baking & Sweets Blog, it’s packed with marvelous flavor combinations and user-friendly recipes you’ll want to try for yourself. Author Kate Wood is a clinical dietitian by day, but don’t let that trip you up: Her baking blog is magically sweet, just like the Pretzel Millionaire Bars, Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread, Hot Fudge Sundae Cake, and other delights worth craving.

What to Cook Today

Asian Fusion is more popular than ever, and Southeast Asian cuisine has gained a firm foothold, too. What to Cook Today offers a vast menu of recipes from both traditions, plus guides for using ingredients that might be new to you. Beautifully photographed and tidily arranged, it’s the winner of Saveur’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners.

Recipe Girl

Whether you’re looking for simple, stunning, or a delicious combination of the two, you’ll find it at Recipe Girl. A steady internet presence since 2006, this is easily one of the best food blogs anywhere, with more than 2,500 recipes to please any palate.

Serious Eats

You’ll find inspiration for everyday eating and special occasions at Serious Eats. Visit the Food Lab to learn new methods, and be sure to check out the latest podcasts from top chefs including none other than Mario Batali. Food histories, a guide to international cuisine and a fantastic nacho generator are some other features worth investigating.

Budget Bytes

Who doesn’t want to save money? No matter what your financial situation, you’ll find plenty to love about Budget Bytes, with its many fantastic recipes for favorites like homemade mac and cheese, cowboy caviar, and that good old standby, beans and rice. Every recipe comes with an average cost per serving, beautiful photos, and concise instructions.

Smitten Kitchen

If you want to learn how to make bread from scratch, whip up an impressive birthday cake, or take basic cuisine to the next level, you’ll love everything about Smitten Kitchen. A steady web presence since the early 2000s, this outstanding food blog has been featured on Martha Stewart and elsewhere. Honest, friendly presentation and accessible ingredients reign supreme here and the “Surprise Me!” feature is not to be missed.

Interesting pizzas, incredible salads, magnificent desserts, and much, much more make Cookie & Kate one of 2018’s best food blogs. The focus is on whole, fresh, real foods to nourish your body and make your taste buds sing!

Gimme Some Oven

A huge, colorful blog with lots to love, Gimme Some Oven covers the basics beautifully while offering loads of inspiration for spectacular meals to impress your family and guests alike. As a bonus, there are lots of bath and body recipes to try.

Chocolate Covered Katie

There are so many dessert recipes on Chocolate Covered Katie that you might accidentally overlook the comfort foods! This blog comes with a bit of a twist – just about everything you’ll find here is designed to be a bit healthier than its original version. Chocolate breakfast brownies? We’ll take them!

Two Peas and Their Pod

inspiration for omnivores, vegans, and everyone in between can be found on Two Peas and Their Pod. There are tons of recipes for healthy, whole foods here (gluten-free vegan chocolate banana bread, anyone?) along with recipes for fun treats, like coconut macaroon Nutella nests. Meal plans, travel tips, and a fun section called “This and That” make this more than a basic food blog.

Add a Pinch

Family-friendly recipes, make-ahead tips, and weekly meal plans to help you get organized make Add a Pinch one of 2018s top food blogs. Easy carrot cake, strawberry spinach salad, and funfetti blondies are some favorites found here; home, living, and travel sections add even more interest.

Ambitious Kitchen

Ambitious Kitchen features lots of delicious recipes, with a focus on foods that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find tons of ideas for topping avocado toast, (if toast is your thing, this Thehomedweller.com article is worth a read too), plus making the most of quinoa, and making crave-worthy treats like coconut oil chocolate chunk cookies.

Love and Lemons

No surprise, there’s tons of tangy goodness to be found on Love and Lemons. A 2014 Saveur Best Food Blog Award winner, this lovely blog is beautifully photographed and brims with inspiration for making delicious meals with whole, healthy foods. Julia Turshen’s afternoon lemon cake is just one of many recipes that’s not to be missed.

Dinner, then Dessert

Chicken shwarma pita wraps, honey bun cake, and brown sugar grilled pineapple are just a few of the many recipes you’ll find on Dinner, then Dessert. A marvelous food blog with a very well-organized recipe index, it has a number of features you’ll appreciate including an entire section of copycat recipes. Homemade “Girl Scout” cookies, anyone?

Just a Taste

Easy, step-by step recipes with photos and cooking videos make Just a Taste a favorite. Creative cheesecakes, family friendly recipes, and quick, healthy meals for everyday enjoyment are among the blog’s features. Check out the 30-minute meals section for some quick inspiration.

Closet Cooking

Closet Cooking offers proof that you don’t need a massive kitchen to whip up some amazing goodness! You’ll find everything from tangy lemon curd to fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches here, along with some incredible brownies, tons of quinoa recipes, and magnificent main dishes.

Damn Delicious

Despite a focus on simple ingredients, Damn Delicious manages to offer up some truly elegant dishes while offering up quick, easy advice for everyday cooking. A weekly meal prep section helps you stay organized, and in the event that you’re pressed for time, you’ll find the “Dinner in 30 Minutes or Less” feature to be a source of inspiration. And, don’t miss “Take Out Fake Out.” It’s priceless – and a big part of what makes this one of the best food blogs of 2018.

The Recipe Critic

Wonder whether a new recipe is worth trying? The Recipe Critic has been there, done that, trying new recipes from magazines, cookbooks, and food blogs, all in the name of delivering the very best to your kitchen. Loads of budget and family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between meals are organized in a tidy index, all ready for your enjoyment.

Inspired Taste

If you’re searching for easy recipes that are delicious and fun to make, look no further. Inspired Taste is home to a wealth of basic “standby” recipes, plus you’ll find lots of unique treats like homemade chimichurri, creamy risotto, and pizza pockets. If cocktails make you happy, you’ll be thrilled to discover that this blog features an entire section dedicated to grown-up drinks to love.

Food Wishes

Incredible recipes for everything from real clotted cream to lemon ricotta pancakes makes Food Wishes an internet sensation and arguably one of the best food blogs of 2018. Every recipe comes with a YouTube video built in, and you’ll almost certainly love Chef John’s witticism as much as step-by-step instructions that make food prep a snap.

Crème de la Crumb

Simple, delicious, and completely craveable recipes make Crème de la Crumb a top food blog. Beautifully photographed despite simple presentation, the recipes you’ll find here tend to be made with basic ingredients. Whether you’re feeding a family or hosting an intimate dinner, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

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