Easy Slow Cooker Texas BBQ Pulled Pork


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Learn How To Make Slow Cooked Texas BBQ Pulled Pork

This is the perfect pulled pork recipe using a with an easy to use Crock-Pot . It’s super easy to make and uses very basic ingredients.

This pulled pork recipe calls for you to use your favorite BBQ sauce.

Choose a good one! Sweet Baby Ray’s line of barbecue sauces and Weber’s new line of barbecue sauces are absolutely amazing and are perfect for this pulled pork.

Pulled pork is always popular at picnics, family gatherings or for any occasion.

Looking for a simple weekend meal with easy prep that you can let cook itself all day? Well then this is perfect for you. Just put it all together for a few minutes in the morning, and come home to a hot savoury, delicious meal in the evening.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow Cooked Texas BBQ Pulled Pork Served with Fires



Step 1

Place pork roast into Crock pot and slowly pour over it the following: chicken broth, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, barbecue sauce.

Step 2

With the pork roast wet with all the wet ingredients, rub in chili powder and brown sugar.

Step 3

Set Crock Pot to "high", cover and let cook for 5-6 hours.

Step 4

Use two forks and shred the pork and mix well with all the sauce.

Step 5

Serve on warm buns for a delicious and hearty Texas pulled pork sandwich that you'll absolutely love!

Comments (20)

  1. posted by Cassie Hughes on October 13, 2016

    Shared this on my blog and pointed my readers here for directions. Thanks!

  2. posted by roseanne on April 1, 2017

    how many servings is this?? thx

    • posted by Cindy on May 31, 2017

      What size of bottle for bbq sauce? Going to Double sauce.

      • posted by Karla on October 8, 2017

        I used 28 oz!!

  3. posted by Liudmila on April 25, 2017

    Very good recipe ,i have been using this recipe for a few years, usually when our family celebrate something big,everybody in our famaly loves it.

    • posted by Steph on February 2, 2018

      Any idea how many servings this makes?

  4. posted by Aimee on June 11, 2017

    Fan favorite in our house. We aren’t fond of chili powder so I sub dry BBQ rub. Ih, and add a shake or two of liquid smoke.

  5. posted by Karen Tigges on June 21, 2017

    What type of pork roast did you use? Was it a loin roast or shoulder or something else?

  6. posted by Laura Arth on July 7, 2017

    I have same question… What cut of meat is best to use for this recipe? Thanks!

  7. posted by Jamie on September 4, 2017

    Should the roast be frozen or thawed?

    • posted by Mandy on November 30, 2017

      Never put anything in your slow cooker still frozen. By time your ingredients are thawed you may be running the risk of food poisoning.

  8. posted by Kendra on October 3, 2017

    It was very simple to make. Ended up tasting delicious, definitely going to be making this again

  9. posted by Chrissy on October 13, 2017

    What do you do with the extra juice, after shredding the pork? Does it cook away?

    • posted by Easy Recipe Depot on October 17, 2017

      Reduce that juices to a delicious sauce

  10. posted by Brenda on November 19, 2017

    Is this gluten free

    • posted by Lace on December 15, 2017

      Lol really?

  11. posted by Dwayne on December 3, 2017

    Well I’m doing a six pound roast, wish this site had something to help you with the details to cook more !

  12. posted by Mary on December 9, 2017

    Can you use light brown sugar instead

  13. posted by Amy on December 13, 2017


    How many people does this recipe feed ???

  14. posted by Rosa Hilliard-Crayton on December 28, 2017

    Used this to make sliders for a “ finger food” occasion. Used a bit more bbq sauce, and had extra sauce on the table


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